Rules on Site

On site rules to know

Items to Do at Checkout and during your stay   

  1. Check OUT is no LATER than 11 A.M., sorry no exceptions.  Our cleaner will be there to start at that time as we have turn overs to complete by 3 PM.
  2. Check IN is not BEFORE 3 P.M.  We rarely can accommodate an early check in due to other guest scheduled check ins.  With our keyless entry you can check in at anytime of day or evening after 3 PM.  You will receive the keyless door code not sooner than 12 hours before check in for security reasons.
  3. Adjusting Thermostats on departure, set to 75 degrees in spring/summer (cool mode), 65 degrees in fall/winter (heat mode).
    • IMPORTANT: please use common sense when adjusting thermostat temps just as if you were in your own home; we appreciate it if you do not bury the thermostats to 60 degrees, for instance.  The HVAC system does not work any faster in cooling the home by turning the AC down that low. The HVAC system is programmed to reset itself if wide ranges in temps are detected
    • Turn off HVAC system if you are leaving slider doors or windows open; again common sense like you were at your own home.  
  4. Hot tub temp turned down to 80 degrees with cover in place. (if water level is low, use hose to fill back to original water level)
  5. Leave linens on the beds so cleaner can tell which beds have been used. Do not make beds that were used.
  6. Place used towels, wash clothes in the tubs
  7. All dirty dishes in dishwasher and load started before leaving please.  We provide detergent balls.
  8. Remove all trash from inside house and place in the bins outside (wooden trash bins by well house at Cottage; across from parking at Retreat).
  9. If you used the fire rings or shoreline at all during your stay, please place furniture back where you found it (not by the waters edge) and police your area for any unburned trash, bottles, cans and anything else you might have left for us to clean up for you.
  10. Regarding fire ring use:  be certain before departure that you have fully extinguished any hot coals left by dumping lots of water on it.     
  11. If you smoked during your stay (outside of the home), please dump your ashtray and make sure no cigarette trash is discarded on the property for us to pick up.
  12. Make sure all doors and windows are closed and locked. Leave front door light on please.
  13. Leave a note for the cleaner of any issues or problems during your stay (if you haven’t already alerted us)
  14. Write a note in the guest book about your stay for others to reference.  Others always read these to get ideas of things to do, places to see from other reviews!
  15. Any positive reviews on our FaceBook Page or our online website Guestbook are very beneficial to us and help us plan for future guests! 

Hot Tub Rules

  1.  DO NOT STAND OR SIT ON THE HOT TUB COVER!!! They are not sturdy enough to withstand body weight and are very expensive ($450) to replace if damaged during your stay.  Our cleaner routinely checks the integrity of the hot tub cover before your check in and at check out. 
  2. Shower off before getting into tub.  Do not allow kids with muddy feet etc. to hop in the hot tub to clean off.  Heavy makeup and lotions will create a film and make it difficult to clean.  An excessively dirty tub left for our cleaner could result in an extra cleaning assessment.
  3. Do not use soap, lotions, oils etc. in tub.
  4. If you splash out water, use the hose to fill it back up.  If the water falls below the filter inlet it will damage the motor and is very expensive to replace. DO NOT have more than 2-3 adults in tub at anyone time OR simply, just do not allow water to roll over side of tub when in the tub.  This creates water loss and upon getting out will allow the tub to suck air in filter inlet and will ruin the motor .
  5. Use the bathroom, not the hot tub.  Be careful not to spill beer or wine or sodas in the tub water.  NO GLASS .
  6. To remove cover, fold in half and then push out of the way or lay on edge next to tub.  Easiest with two persons.
  7. Leave cover on at all times when tub is not in use.  This conserves the heat and prevents debris getting into the tub.
  8. Watch small children at all times around the hot tub.  Parental supervision is assumed if children are under the age of 14.
  9. Spa is continuously sanitized with Bromine.  Please leave the floating device in the water and do not adjust the settings.
  10. Increase the temp upon your arrival to your desired temperature.  Takes about 2 hours to increase from 80 to 104 degrees with cover in place.
  11. Note that there are health risks associated with the use of hot tubs  - use with discretion and at your own risk.

Fishing Rules for the Home

  1. Please do not clean fish on the property.  It makes for a horrendous smell that is difficult to get rid of! Carcasses may not be disposed of on the property, in the trash cans (again…horrendous smell).  A fish cleaning station is provided at Bass Pro Marina for your use or if cleaning on the shore, do not allow fish carcasses to remain near shoreline!
  2. Fishing requires a permit on Tablerock Lake. You can obtain a permit at Twin Island Gas Station / Walmart, as well as fishing provisions.
  3. If reserving a boat, call ahead and reserve…especially in the busy summer months!  Refer to our page on Marina information for more.

Internet and WiFi

To connect:

Search for “Guest_xxxx” and enter password *** (case sensitive).  This information is in our guest book .

Things to keep in mind about Satellite Internet connections:

This is the only internet available in our area.  It should be more than adequate for most internet/social media/email scenarios, even some limited streaming possibly.  However, it will not support streaming video or online gaming for the most part.  Also, when connecting multiple devices at the same time, it will bog the system due to limited bandwidth (consider this if everyone in your family tries to connect to our Wifi, maybe limiting it to two at a time).  The limit allotted to us by the carrier is 10 GB per month (for Hi Speed limits). After this limit is used, dishNET decreases speeds to 128 kbps (still 3x faster than dial up) until our billing cycle starts over . Please be respectful of these limitations and not stream movies or huge data files continuously (2 movies will burn up 10GB) . This leaves slower connection speeds for others and becomes frustrating for us all! We appreciate your understanding on this and believe me…..we are upgrading the first chance it’s available!  NOTE that there is strong cellular data connection in our area, so your current provider for your smart phone will work as well.

Satellite TV : Also from DishNetwork.  We offer the Smart Pak option which should have a wide range of options.  We limit to the 50 some odd channels (including local) to keep your costs low.  If you need to watch a ball game on a specialty sport channel we don't carry, we recommend the following sports bars in the area which can accommodate:

1) Buffalo Wild Wings, 1111 Branson Landing Blvd, Branson, MO 65616

2) Black Horse Pub, 24 Downing St, Hollister, MO 65672

3) Several on the Branson Landing


  • Call 911. Your address is 526 Tall Tree Drive (Tall Tree Retreat).  Blue Eye Missouri 65611
  • Call or TXT 479-310-5244 if it is an emergency concerning the property.  Ask for Bret or LeSha.
  • Nearest hospital is Cox/Skaggs off of 65 Hwy and Branson Landing Blvd. 417-335-7218.
  • Stone County Sheriff, Missouri State Highway Patrol (Water Patrol), Sea Tow.
  • Miscellaneous

-There is no phone service on site, but excellent cell reception at either property.

-DO NOT PARK VEHICLES/BOATS in the yard!!!! This has been a reoccurring problem and has a potential to damage the lateral lines in the yard .  Boat parking is provided at the bottom of the hill .  

-PLEASE CLEAN UP THE SHORELINE BEFORE YOU LEAVE!!! Do not leave glass, trash etc for others to clean up.  You are responsible for returning the area to it’s original condition, including moving chairs etc back in a proper place. 

- No smoking inside whatsoever.  A loss of security deposit and possible additional charges if house is damaged or full of the smell of smoke.

-If you do laundry, please separate out the whites and colors.  J

-Charcoal grill – keep in its pad next to the house.  Do not move it up onto the decks as this is a fire hazard. 

-We are on a septic system. Please place tampons, diapers, paper towels, grease etc. in the trash, not down the toilet or sink.

-Lights and ceiling fans may be controlled by wall switches if they don’t initially turn on. 

-Keeping the ceiling fans on helps regulate the temperature in our houses with these high ceilings!

Groceries nearby:

  1. Twin Island Gas Station/Market available for staple items. (on 86 Hwy, 5 min away)
  2. Dollar General Store just a bit further up Hwy 86, across bridge towards Big Cedar .
  3. Harter House (Hollister) is the best spot for wide range of groceries.  Great meat department if you plan on grilling and produce is usually much better than Walmart etc. (about 15 min)
  4. Walmart Supercenter and Target Supercenter located just off Hwy 65 in Branson (about 20 min)