Trip Insurance

Trip Cancellation Insurance Options


Why should you buy a Trip Protection Plan?

Here are some reasons you should consider TripProtector Classic.

Reason 1: Trip Cancellation and Interruption Coverage

Your vacation investment is at risk. The cost of your trip may not be refunded in the event you have to cancel. Here are some of the reasons vacationing customers lose some or all of their vacation investment:

  • Personal sickness or injury
  • Sickness, injury or death of your traveling companion or of an immediate family member
  • An act of terrorism
  • Adverse weather or natural disaster

Purchasing TripProtector Classic, which includes medical, sickness and trip cancellation and interruption coverage, is one way to plan for such unforeseeable circumstances.

Reason 2: Sickness, Accident and Medical Evacuation Benefits

The highest medical benefits in the industry!
During your trip you may need to see a doctor, have a prescription filled, receive care at a hospital, or deal with an unexpected medical emergency. Remember:

  • Some health plans don't cover illnesses or injuries incurred away from your home town. Some plans will cover such expenses, but at a reduced rate.
  • Most health plans do not cover medical evacuation, which can cost $50,000 or more.

The Emergency Medical Expense Coverage included with TripProtector can help protect you against these unforeseeable circumstances. In addition, the TripProtector plans include emergency medical evacuation and the round-the-clock expert support you'll need to handle an unforeseen emergency.